We Know Where It Hurts, And How To Fix It

Your Key To The Best Telemetry, PCU, Travel Nursing, and Per Diem Nursing Roles

Staffing shortages in the healthcare industry remain the biggest driver of burnout and low job satisfaction among in-demand nursing care professionals like you. Telemetry and PCU RNs, travel nurses, and per diem nurses also constantly fear being brought in to wear multiple hats in the hospital at once. We take that out of the equation by only working with the healthcare facilities committed to ensuring and maintaining stellar nurse-patient ratios while creating a comfortable work environment that allows you to thrive. Switch to Mahaba Healthcare today by looking at the jobs we offer to see some of the top roles that our experts have curated for you. We recommend you also submit your resume so that you never have to look for another role again, as we continually match you to the best opportunities that align with your skills and personal requirements.

We Make Sure You Feel Appreciated

We know first-hand how telemetry nurses, travel RNs and per diem nursing staff are made to feel secondary to the full-time staff. You bring all the right combinations of skills, dedication, and commitment to your job, making you as important as everyone else. We are a team of nurses who have been there before. We’re here to change the tide in your favor. That is why we only work with hospitals and progressive care units that value professionals like you and are willing to match your requirements, creating an improved work environment. Browse the jobs that we have curated from these handpicked employers and submit your resume to get early bird access to top roles when we secure them.

Trust Us To Outperform the Competition

Our approaches to securing the best travel roles, per diem positions, and PRNs for PCU RNs, telemetry nursing staff, and general nursing practitioners are not rocket science. There’s a reason we can offer staffing solutions that you can count on. We focus only on the progressive hospitals and telemetry care units that have developed a working system that enables nurses to enjoy their best lives with quality management support and flexibility. You are totally in control of everything and only work under conditions you agree with. Instantly boost your odds of a successful and rewarding career odds by submitting your resume to us once. From then on, we’ll handle the job matching for you. You can also look at the select roles that we have curated for you from the employers that we currently work alongside.