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Take a Crucial First Step Towards Fulfilling Travel Nursing and Flexible Per Diem Roles with Top Healthcare Facilities

You want a role that allows you the flexibility of traveling to different locations where you get to deploy your full suite of nursing skills while also seeing the rest of the country. Some of the nursing staff that we have placed with reputable healthcare firms have also long desired the stellar work-life balance benefits that come with a per diem arrangement – which they now have. At Mahaba Healthcare Staffing, we don’t claim to reinvent the wheel. Most of the travel nurses, per diem talent, and PRN professionals that we work with already have an engagement. We step in to offer better opportunities. Browse through the open positions that we have curated for you to gain access to the top, most exclusive, and exciting roles with high-ranking hospitals across the US.

You Shouldn’t Be Forced to Conform

Telemetry and PCU RNs are in high demand; this impacts the terms you can achieve with your potential employer if you have a negotiation expert on your side. In addition, with a massive backlog of cases in their pipeline and an enormous influx of new patients to healthcare facilities, most employers might want to secure new in-house nurses every time. That doesn’t work for a nursing professional like you that knows your worth. You want to enjoy the flexibility to travel around for different placements, work only when you want to, get paid competitive rates, and still enjoy the security of having the ability to return back to high-earning PRN work whenever the need arises. Whether you simply want to broaden your horizons, learn from growth opportunities in different roles and locations, or stay closer to different parts of the country and close to family at certain points, Mahaba Healthcare has you covered on all fronts. Submit your resume today, and you’ll never have to apply to any role ever again. Our recruitment experts will match you to the exclusive roles that we do not share with the public and ensure you always have privileged access.

You’ve Waited Long Enough for The Right Solutions

Mahaba Healthcare has fashioned a series of solutions that best appeal to the Telemetry RNs and Progressive Care RNs who trust us; these solutions often help them switch into more rewarding roles.
Here are some of the benefits you can start experiencing today

Per Diem

Work with employers that are ready to pay you based on the hours that you have put in. Enjoy a flexible work schedule where you get to define your hours – and when you come in to fulfill them.

Travel Nursing

Take your top-tier skills on the road! Your expertise as a registered nurse is needed in some of the country’s most exciting and beautiful regions. Experience the various unique challenges and learning opportunities that come with changing environments, making an indelible impact everywhere you go.
This is the moment to join our long list of happy RNs who are either having fun at their jobs traveling the country or enjoying a dream work-life balance through various per diem roles. Get your foot in the door when you submit your resume to get matched with exclusive roles that we don’t share with the public until our talent pool gets to pick.

US Hospitals Love our Ironclad Guarantee

We don’t make empty promises. We partner with hospitals to solve nursing staff shortages, improve churn rates, and boost nurse-patient ratios and staff morale. Request staff today or speak with one of our recruitment experts to get your facility started on achieving its staffing goals.